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God of Wind (Feng Shen) Temple(風神廟)

Thursday:06:35 – 21:00





Built in 1739, the God of Wind (Feng Shen) Temple (風神廟) is the only temple in Taiwan dedicated to the God of Wind, and is one of Tainan’s famous shrines and temples. The main god of worship is the God of Wind, but on the left and right hand sides the God of Wind is flanked by the green God of Water (水神) and red God of Fire (火神). Further to the left side is Lei Gong (雷公), the God of Thunder, and to the right side is Dian Mu, the Goddess of Lightning (電母). When the temple was built, it was located beside the West Gate of Nanhe Harbor, and officials visiting from Mainland China would pay a visit to the Official Reception Stone Arch(接官亭) to the rear to offer sacrifices and thanks to the God of Wind for protection on their voyage, before proceeding onwards to Tainan. In recent years new lighting plans for the temple have been put in place, and at nighttime the temple finds itself bathed in atmospheric light, giving a divine and tranquil feel to the space and helping to integrate the painted wall of the Stone Arch, thereby adding to the ambience of the whole site and creating a scenic spot which should not be missed on a nighttime stroll.


TEL +886-6-2277540

Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites、Religious Temples、Culture

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