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Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple(祀典武廟)

Thursday:05:30 – 21:00





Many people’s impression of Si Dian Wu Temple(祀典武廟) is its Double Saddle Roof and red wall. It is one of the finest temples of Tainan. Built around 1665, it was the earliest Guan Di Temple(關帝廟)and one of the government sacrificial rites temples built at the time. It enshrines the awe-inspiring Guan Sheng Di Jun (關聖帝君). One thing that should not be missed when visiting the temple is the plaque with Da Zhang Fu (man of character) on it presented by magistrate Yang Ting-lin 1791. The three simple characters fully express the image of Guan Gong in people’s minds. The temple attracts many worshippers and has a number of popular gods, one being the God of Marriage, Yue Lao. The Yue Lao in Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple can be said to be the most popular in Tainan. As well as praying in person for marriage predestined by fate, in Yue Lao Temple there is a mail box that receives express mail praying for marriage sent to Yue Lao. It is said he has shown his powers on many occasions. Foreigners can also often be seen sincerely worshipping Yue Lao.


TEL +886-6-2202390

Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples、Culture

Open Hours Sunday:05:30 – 21:00
Monday:05:30 – 21:00
Tuesday:05:30 – 21:00
Wednesday:05:30 – 21:00
Thursday:05:30 – 21:00
Friday:05:30 – 21:00
Saturday:05:30 – 21:00


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