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Kaiji Yonghua Temple(開基永華宮)

Friday:06:00 – 20:30





When visiting the Confucian temple (孔廟) area, taking a stroll around the sights and sounds of Fuzhong Street (府中街) should not be overlooked. Try one of the famous fried instant noodle shops from within the brimming alley and from where you can also smell the incense that wafts from the nearby temple. This temple is the Yonghua Temple (永華宮), dedicated to the the GuangzeZunwang (Guangze King), and was originally a place that enshrined General Chen yonghua (陳永華). After the death of General Chen Yonghua, the people began to recall fondly the contributions that he made towards Taiwanese culture and education, and the name of the temple was changed to the Yonghua Temple is his honor. Within the temple are numerous texts and objects of cultural significance related to offering sacrifices to the gods or ancestors, as well as delicate mural paintings which vividly illustrate the elevation to deity status of GuangzeZunwang; a legendary tale which is still discussed enthusiastically even in the present day. There is a close relationship between the Yonghua Temple and Fuzhong Street, and at the temple entrance there are frequently religious ceremonies, tourist activities, or games being held, making the area a real focal point of the local community. Leading people to solve riddles nearby the Confucius Temple, and the sensory experience of leaving the alleyway in front of the temple and entering into the narrow gate is worth experiencing for oneself.


Address West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples

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