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Great East Gate(大東門)

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The Great East Gate (大東門) is located at the intersection of Dongmen Road (東門路) and Shengli Road (勝利路), and it is an important thoroughfare for traffic in Tainan city. The Great East Gate has become a Tainan landmark, and at the Eastern end of the gate the words Dongan Gate (東安門) are written, with the words Yingchun Gate (迎春門) likewise written at the Western end. The gate offered strong protection, and remains intact having protected the ancient city from attack. When the lights are lit up at night, it seems like Tainan’s very own Arc de Triumph. As the gate is located in the middle of a traffic circle, relatively few tourists choose to enter the it. Within the gate is a stone tablet dating back to 1848, and this stone tablet features on it an imperial decree to soldiers stating that they are prohibited from extorting money the farmers, businessmen and hawkers in the city. It is certainly an interesting and fascinating stone tablet. When visiting this location, don’t just pass by, go inside and have a look inside to see what was the main thoroughfare of this old city.


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Address East Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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