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Kunxiwan Cultural Park- Wannian Temple(鯤喜灣文化園區-萬年殿)

Monday:06:00 – 21:00





Located at Wanli in Tainan’s South District, Wannian Temple is the main belief center of the people of Wanli. It was built in 1729 and enshrines the San Fu Qian Sui gods Ye, Zhu, and Li (葉、朱、李三府千歲). The jianjiao sacrificial ceremony held every 12 years is a grand event that goes on for months. It features a procession in which the King Boat that the temple enshrines is carried around. Usually, in King Boat belief(王船信仰), the King Boat is burned, representing the taking away of disease and freeing of the people from disease and pain; however, at Wannian Temple, as the King Boat was the earliest belief of local people, the King Boat is not burned, there is only a procession in which the king boat is carried around; this is the most distinctive feature of Wannian Temple’s jianjiao sacrificial ceremony. Throughout the year, many visitorsgo to the temple to see the old king boat that is enshrined there.


TEL +886-6-2622668

Address South Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples、Culture

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