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The Founding Mazu Temple(開基天后宮)

Saturday:06:00 – 21:00





The Founding Mazu Temple(開基天后宮) was built in 1662 during the Ming Dynasty and was Taiwan’s earliest privately-built Mazu temple. As it is smaller than Da Tianhou Temple, it is often referred to by Tainanese as ‘small Mazu Temple.’ Despite its relatively small size, it still has a solemn atmosphere and exudes the awe-inspiring power of the goddess Mazu. In recent years, as the popularity of the Jiu Lai Fa Cookie Shop(舊來發餅舖) opposite the temple has attracted more tourists to the area and mobile ice-cream vendors set up their stalls outside the temple, a new temple dessert culture has formed.


TEL +886-6-2294911

Address North Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples

Open Hours Sunday:06:00 – 21:00
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Tuesday:06:00 – 21:00
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