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Sicao Mangrove Protection Area(四草紅樹林保護區)





Many tourists will already have heard of Sicao Mangrove Reserve (四草紅樹林保護區) and its aquatic green tunnels, and which offer some of the best mangrove forest ecology within Taiwan. Every time a ray of sunlight shoots through the dense mangrove forest, it sprinkles and disperses across the rubber rafts travelling slowly along this watery terrain, and on both sides it is possible to witness curious fiddler crabs and mudskipper amphibious fish that will leave you wide-eyed with surprise. Remote and tranquil as if a Little Amazon River; it is hard to forget the beauty of this place as the tranquil water surface reflects the lush mangroves, leaving a glow on the water top as if kissed by an angel. Tourists come to this place on account of its reputation. Without entering Sicao’s Mangrove Reserve, it cannot be said that one has truly visited Sicao!


TEL +886-6-2841610

Address Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Natural View

Open Hours Monday to Sunday 8:30~17:00


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