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Ecomuseum of Sweet Potato Story House(瓜瓜園地瓜生態故事館)

Thursday:09:00 – 17:00





"Don't worry about leaving sweet potatoes to rot, the wind and the sun will make the roots spread more" On the path that leads to the Ecomuseum of Sweet Potato Story House (瓜瓜園地瓜生態故事館) you can see a whole row of sweet potato-related Taiwanese idioms; the shape of the sweet potato very much resembles the island of Taiwan. It is often said that Hsinhua (新化) has three treasures: bamboo shoots, pineapples and sweet potatoes. The view of the factory's entire sweet potato pile from the high point of the tourist trail is impressive. The Ecomuseum of Sweet Potato Story House allows tourists to understand the sweet potato and its related culture. With a growing environment and a nursery used to grow close to 20 varieties of sweet potato on site, tourists can get to know the growth process, nutritional composition and safe sweet potato pesticide detection, and can also view the sweet potato nursery room through the glass.


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