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Luo Lai-shou Memorial Hall(羅來受教會)





Luo Lai-shou Memorial Hall(羅來受紀念館)is located inside Zuozhen District’s tallest building, Zuozhen Presbyterian Church(左鎮教會).The Hall can be seen from the side of the church. Luo was a church elder who made a great contribution both to the church and local people for many years; his efforts were recognized with the Hall’s establishment after he passed away. It is packed with precious Pingpu (Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples) cultural relics such as the family trees of wealthy local families, Pingpu land contracts, and daily-use utensils including bowls and plates, farming tools, cradles, and bamboo musical instruments, as well as rare Pingpu bridal dresses and a copy of the Amoy Romanized Bible(巴克禮白話字聖經). The Hall has become a small Pingpu cultural museum and is a must-visit place to learn about Pingpu Siraya culture.


TEL +886-6-5731076

Address Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Religious Temples

Open Hours Advanced reservation required (Not open during the Sunday morning service)


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