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Tsao Shan Moon World(草山月世界)




Zuozhen District's Tsao Shan Moon World (草山月世界) is an area of daqing limestone terrain (青灰岩地形) made up of sandstone and shale, also known as chalk terrain. The geology is softened as it meets the water, and streams have eroded the surface to create a hilly landscape with cliffs all around, and a mountain ridge shaped like serrated teeth. The ground is highly alkaline due to the chalk, making it difficult for vegetation to take root, and only the hardy thorny bamboo can grow. On the road from the forest to Tsao Shan Moon World, the distinct terrain of the ridge and the lush green landscape of the thorny bamboo appear differently according to the season and time of day: on a clear morning standing on the peak at 308 meters altitude, one can admire the sunrise and multi-layered cloud variations; in winter, the thorny bamboo gradually dries up and turns yellow, only to turn red in spring. March and April are the best time of the year to witness the thorny bamboo changing color.


TEL +886-6-5730061

Address Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Natural View

Open Hours Free entry, open all day long


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