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Nanhua Wushan  Macaque Nature  Reserve(南化烏山台灣獼猴區)




When going for a coffee and a country walk in Wushan, Nanhua District (南化烏山), the Formosan Macaque Nature Reserve (台灣獼猴區) is a must-visit location. Over a hundred macaques (rock monkeys) live in the reserve, and having a piece of land that belongs to them allows them to feel at ease here. Most of the credit goes to "grandpa macaque" Lin Bing-xiu (林炳修), who is frequently seen taking buckets of food to the mountain, and constantly watches over this national treasure with love and kindness. Thanks to this protective relationship, it is not only groups of monkeys that reproduce here; many animals, including Formosan gem-faced civets, squirrels and hares, are also increasing in number. While the macaques are raised by humans, and are therefore only half wild, they still possess the instincts of a wild animal, so remember not to provoke the groups of macaques to avoid being attacked.


Address Nanhua Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Open Hours Free entry, open all year round


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