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Bamboo Charcoal Story Museum(竹炭故事館)




The only area in Longqi district where bamboo charcoal takes center stage, but it is also a place where the Longqi Farmer’s Association (龍崎區農會) makes use of local produce to manufacture top-quality bamboo charcoal goods. If you take a trip here, not only is it possible to buy many kinds of products made from bamboo charcoal and gain a deeper understanding of the material, but it is also possible to take a look around the rarely seen bamboo charcoal kilns. It is possible to gain an insight into how the kilns were built, as well as the process for firing them up and using them. It is also possible to take part in a DIY class, where you might be able to make your own handmade bamboo charcoal soap or air freshener to take home.


TEL +886-6-5940463

Address Longqi Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Local Gallery

Open Hours Open all year
Ordinary day:
8:00~16:30 (closed one hour for lunch)
Summer: 09:00~18:00 (closed one hour for lunch)
Winter: 08:00~17:00 (Closed one hour for lunch)


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