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Qigu Lagoon(七股潟湖)




Qigu Lagoon(七股潟湖), known locally as Naihaizai(內海仔), is the remains of the Taijiang Inner Sea (台江內海) from over 300 years ago, and covers approximately 1,600 hectares. Riding the recreational fishing rafts across the lagoon is the best way to experience Qigu. Oyster sheds line the edges, with fishing nets set up and fishermen slowly rowing small canoes. The mangrove forest at the edge of the lagoon is full of egrets, and at migration time in the winter, cormorants can be seen basking in the sun on top of the oyster sheds, waiting for their feathers to dry in the sun ready for the next bit of underwater hunting. The fishing rafts finally arrive on an isolated offshore sandbank called "Wanzailiao Barrier Land", where you can explore the uninhabited island and gaze into the magnificent Taiwan Strait. On the return trip, the boatman will most likely prepare roast oyster and other fresh seafood to fill the tourists' bellies. The "Z" shaped oyster shed in front of Guanhai House is the most photographed spot, and an exceptionally good place to appreciate the glow of the setting sun.


TEL +886-6-7861000

Address Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Eco-Tour、Natural View、Recreational Agriculture And Fishing

Open Hours Free entry, open all day long


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