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Viewing Mangrove Forest at the Mouth of the Jiangjun River(將軍溪口觀賞紅樹林)

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Find Dayuanshuai Temple(大元帥廟) in Jiangjun District(將軍區) and the Jiangjun River embankment can be seen. Stand on it, and you can see a large expanse of lush mangrove forest before you, stretching from the estuary of the Jiangjun River all the way inland, creating a magnificent sight. Mangrove forest is an important cradle for estuary ecology; a large number of egrets and other water birds live amongst the mangroves and various shallow water creatures such as fiddler crabs and mudskippers live under the water. The scene resembles an ecological paradise seen on National Geographic channel. If you are here when the sun sets in the west, the river mouth is stunningly beautiful as golden light shines on the entire river and even the mangrove forest shines like gold. This scenic spot should not be missed when visiting Jiangjun District.


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Address Jiangjun Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Eco-Tour

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