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Xuejia Ciji Temple(學甲慈濟宮)

Thursday:06:00 – 21:30





The temple was built in 1661 and enshrines Bao Sheng Da Di(保生大帝). It is the largest temple in Xuejia District and the local belief center. The grand arch in front of the temple will be seen when in the vicinity of Xuejia Market. The main god statue was brought from Baijiao Village in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, by Chen Yi-gui, a general under Koxinga(鄭成功部將陳一桂). It is said that this statue of Bao Sheng Da Di is one of three original god statues that Baijiao Ciji Temple in Zhangzhou had when it was first built in the Song Dynasty and, as such, it is extremely precious. On the 11th day of third lunar month annually, Xuejia Ciji Temple holds a grand sacrificial offering ceremony dedicated to the ancestral temple Baijiao Ciji Temple in Fujian at Baijiao Temple beside the Jiangjun River; it is an event that is an important part of Tainan’s cultural heritage. Ciji Temple also has the Ye Wang Koji Pottery Cultural Hall; famous koji pottery master Ye Wang helped build the temple 1860-1862 and it contains over 200 of the master’s koji works; these are precious cultural property that are well worth seeing.


TEL +886-6-7836110

Address Xuejia Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites、Religious Temples、Culture

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