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Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration(雲嘉南濱海國家風景區管理處)

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The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration Office (雲嘉南濱海國家風景區管理處) is located in Beimen Ward, Beimen District (北門區北門里). The old Japanese style building was originally the management office for the Beimen Saltbeds (北門鹽場), and the area in front of the building was full of tile-paved salt fields. Behind stands the historical Beimen Blue House (北門出張所), built in 1923, with the Beimen Island Restaurant (北門嶼餐廳) in the front serving fine food full of local flavor. To the west is a large banyan tree landmark called "dreamland", the white piano in front of the tree creating a dreamlike scene like a music video set, with matching white decorations. The nearby Beimen Island Church is also white, fitting in with Beimen's white salt industry and white milkfish. The square in front of the administration office is now also an important art installation area, and at night the dilapidated exterior, under romantic lighting, attracts many photography enthusiasts.


TEL +886-6-7861000

Address Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Scenic areas

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