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Beimen Lagoon(北門潟湖)

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Beimen Lagoon (北門潟湖) is located at the edge of the Jing Zai Jjiao Salt Field (井仔腳鹽田), and has the most beautiful sunset in Taiwan. When dusk falls, crowds of people gather to enjoy the view. Tourists can experience heaping and harvesting salt on the salt lake, feeling the refreshing coolness of the hundred-year-old salt field through the soles of their feet. The sending off the sun event, famous all over Taiwan, is held here at the end of every year. On the surface of the lagoon, under the setting sun, oyster farmers passing on small boats are a common sight. The sun strikes an arc on the silvery surface of the water, as if in a painting, and when the tide is out, the lagoon full of oysters creates a landscape quite unique to Beimen. Riding a bicycle along the seawall is the best way to enjoy the view. In autumn and winter, Beimen Lagoon is an exceptionally good place to see black-bellied terns; this place provides rich and diverse experiences through every season.


Address Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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