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Guanziling Mountain Trail System (關子嶺登山步道系統)

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Main routes of the Guanziling Mountain Trail System are the Datong, Jiulong, Jilong, Fulong and Pillow Mountain Routes(大凍山線、九龍山線、雞籠山線、福龍山線以及枕頭山線). Datong Mountain, at 1241 above sea level, is the highest peak in Tainan, and one of Taiwan's small hundred peaks. Jiulong Mountain Route has a number of almost 90 degree inclines that hikers will need a rope to climb; a great experience for thrill seeking mountain climbers. Jilong Mountain Route is on the northwest side of Datong's main peak. It has a conical isolated peak resembling a chicken cage which give the peak its name, Jilong. At 878 meters above sea level, the route is a popular, clearly signposted. There is not too much change in elevation, and the views are also not bad. Fulong Mountain Route is 670 meters above sea level at its highest point, and there is also natural gas on the mountain so you can make tea. Because of the topography effect, the intensity of the sunshine is also reduced, making this a cool and comfortable route. Pillow Mountain is 650 meters above sea level, and hikers can start the route from behind Huoshan Biyun Temple(火山碧雲寺) and follow the signposts to Water and Fire. The mountain top is beautiful and you can rest here. After a strenuous hike, you can soak in the hot mud springs to recover, and then enjoy the Guanziling cuisine. This really is the best way to enjoy your vacation.


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