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New and old Hao Han Po Trail (新、舊好漢坡步道)

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In the Japanese Colonial Time, it is said that injured or sick soldiers liked to visit Guanziling to recuperate. After soaking in the hot spring water and recovering their energy, they would train by walking up and down the steep steps. Old Hao Han Po(舊好漢坡步道), below Guanziling Elementary School, was built for this reason; there were around 300 steps and they were very steep; anyone who could get to the top was a tough guy, so the slope was named “Tough Guy Slope (Hao Han Po.) Later, when the road was widened, only a few steps remained, so the city government built a new Hao Han Po in Guanziling Hot Spring Park; the steps are around the same as the old steps in number and equally challenging but safer; the new Hao Han Po also offers expansive views and forest scenery. It has become a must-visit attraction of Guanziling. After taking on Hao Han Po, tourists can enjoy a relaxing soak in a mud hot spring bath and will quickly recover, enjoying the health benefits of exercise and hot spring bathing.


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