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Kabuasua Pingpu Cultural Park(吉貝耍平埔文化園區)





Kabuasua (吉貝耍) is a beautiful little village beside the Taiwan County Road 165 (市道165號). The name means "kapok tree" in the Siraya language, signifying an abundance of kapok trees. While the village's kapok trees have slowly disappeared over the course of history, the blood that flows in their veins occasionally reminds them: "you are Siraya, Alid (God in Siraya language) and the ancestral spirits still protect you, Alid’s blessings let the tribes’ people coexist in peace with the beautiful plains". In recent years the area surrounding the Kabasua Pingpu Cultural Park (吉貝耍平埔文化園區) has seen the resurgence of the kapok tree, and a diversity of beautiful colors have been added. There is an art installation at the post office, with adorable mailboxes in the shape of betel nuts and rice wine, important offerings to the ancestral spirits, in which you can put your postcard after visiting the village. One week before their offering ceremony, every year on the evening of September 4th, they will send it to remind you to return. That evening is the busiest time at their cultural center, the Kabuasua Great Konkai; as well as offerings to Alid and worships their ancestral spirits, there is also a moving choral performance by Pingpu girls, their clear voices calling to mind the distant call of the ancestral spirits. The night of offerings continues right through to the next morning, with the "Calling of the Sea" carrying on until noon, commemorating the conclusion of their ancestors' journey across the sea. This festival is an annual Kabuasua event that is not to be missed.


TEL +886-6-6233817

Address Dongshan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture、Theme Park

Open Hours Free entry Open all year round


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