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Lotus World(蓮花世界)





Lotus World(蓮花世界) is located at Linfenying in Liujia District. Owner Mr. Lin Sen-jin has being studying lotuses for over 20 years and continually develops new varieties. He is nicknamed “Dr. Lotus” locally. In over 20 years, he has developed more than 300 lotus varieties. Various kinds of lotus can be seen here, including the brightly colored Perfume Lotus, rare Black Sleeping Lotus, the lotus with the world’s smallest flower at just one centimeter, as well as the King Lotus that can support 40 kilograms, with numerous varieties you won’t be able to take them all in. Lotus World also offers a variety of foods made from processed lotuses, a lotus banquet and also a lotus tea DIY activity. Lotus lover will have a good time here and also be able to eat their fill.


TEL +886-6-6982820

Address Liujia Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Recreational Agriculture And Fishing

Open Hours Monday to Sunday 7:00~18:00

Offical Site Offical Site


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