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Taikang Green Tunnel(太康綠色隧道)

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Straight ahead from Chimei Hospital, Liuying (柳營奇美醫院) towards Taikang, Guoyihou (太康、果毅後) the sides of Yishi Road are densely lined with tall mango trees. The boulevard extends approximately 4.5 kilometers as a green tunnel, and each tree is approximately 50 years old or more. During Japanese Colonial Period, it was called Military Road (軍路).It is said that at the time the Japanese army was afraid of air strikes by allied forces, and each household was ordered to plant 5 trees by the roadside, approximately 700 in total. Later, to commemorate the anti-communist patriots returning from the Korean War, the road was renamed Yishi Road. Verdant shades, golden sunlight shining through the gaps between the leaves; this road goes through dramatic changes in lighting aesthetics in the morning, afternoon and evening. For the locals, gathering mangos along this road to take home and eat them is a common childhood memory of life on this rural road.


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Address Liuying Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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