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Jianshanpi Reservoir(尖山埤水庫)

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A variety of dining and lodging options such as water villas

Sit on a boat with carved beams and paintings to leisurely marvel at the beautiful landscape

The tranquil landscape around the reservoir is comparable to the renowned beauty of Jianshanpi.

The most blissful mountain and water scenery in the country, a unique resort in Southern Taiwan


The Jianshanpi Resort, converted from the Jianshanpi Reservoir, is operated by the Taiwan Sugar Corporation and is set in a beautiful location with mountain and waterfront views. The park is full of greenery and colorful wall paintings along the way, as well as the children's favorite play area. If you want to stay overnight, there are different kinds of accommodation such as Jianshanpi Resort, luxury chalets, and the famous water villa, etc. Besides, the resort also provides comprehensive camping facilities, which is also a good choice for staying overnight.
從高空俯瞰尖山埤會館Beautiful Sceneries Wherever you Look
The unique mountainous landscape of Jianshanpi Resort is the perfect backdrop for visitors to take stunning photos. As soon as you enter the park, you are greeted with a beautiful Japanese-style road and endearing lanterns designed with a guardian owl theme placed neatly on both sides of the road. At the end of the road, there is a blessing pavilion where the bell representing happiness can be rung. A tall red torii gate stands serenely on one side, named the "Happiness Torii". Continue on and the eye-catching red bridge comes into view. Stand on it and enjoy the scenery of the lake, the blue sky and the turquoise pond. If the weather is clear, you can see the reflection of clouds on the calm surface of the lake. In addition, the Yixing Bridge, the bee and  rhinoceros beetle ecological park, and many other places for strolling and taking pictures are waiting for visitors to explore.
碧綠遼闊的埤塘Boat Tour
The boat with carved beams and paintings is like a small ancient palace slowly sailing across the water, with a strong Jiangnan style. The boat is very stable while sailing. The history of Jianshanpi Resort and the scenery of various places will be introduced during the boat tour, so that visitors can leisurely cruise around the lake and listen to the guide at the same time, and have a deeper understanding of Jianshanpi Resort. When admiring the Jianshanpi Resort Building from the boat, one will see this magnificent building reflected in the calm lake, which is particularly beautiful.
雕樑畫棟的遊湖畫舫,彷彿古代的小小宮殿緩緩航行在埤塘中A Rich Variety of Facilities
In addition to the lake boat, the resort has many facilities for visitors to enjoy. A colorful shuttle bus take visitors along the shore of the lake and through the various parts of the park for a leisurely tour. There is also a paintball range, which is divided into two types of facilities: a target range and a battle range, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of shooting. There is also a green camping area and a complete barbecue facility, allowing visitors to take home happy memories full of fun and entertainment. One can also ride a bike around Love Island and marvel at the lush turquoise surface of Jianshan Reservoir. The resort's paddle boats comes in a variety of cute shapes, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely paddle boat experience amidst the scenery of the lake and mountains in Jianshanpi . The resort also offers the only reservoir kayaking experience available in Taiwan on a regular basis, which is not to be missed by water activities lovers. (The above recreational activities need to be booked by phone in advance)
渡假村的水上腳踏船擁有各式可愛的造型With the abundant amusement facilities and beautiful sceneries, Jianshanpi Resort allows each visitor to enjoy endless fun and unforgettable memories.


TEL +886-6-6233888

Address Liuying Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Eco-Tour、Theme Park、Leisure、Scenic areas

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