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Yuejin Harbor- Jubo Pavilion- Dazhong Temple (月津港-聚波亭大眾廟)

Wednesday:05:00 – 20:00





In days gone by Yuejin Harbor had a large number of merchants and was where cargo ships gathered. One of the famous scenes of the harbor at the time was the lights on the fishing boats at Jubo Pavilion. At the side of Jubo Pavilion(聚波亭), Dazhong Temple was built in 1741 and enshrines Lei Fu Da Jiang Gong, one of the followers of Er Ma Jiao of Yanshui Hupi Temple. The temple has tranquil surrounds; local people like to sit in the shade under the big tree in front and chat. One notable feature is the small temple that was built inside Dazhong Temple from 5,000 mahjong blocks in 1990; it is a temple within a temple and enshrines Wu Cai Shen (the Martial Gods of Wealth). Many believers place their exam admission cards or name cards in the small temple or in the hand of the god statue to pray for exam or business success, creating an unusual sight inside Dazhong Temple(大眾廟).


TEL +886-6-6522205

Address Yanshui Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Historic Sites、Religious Temples

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