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Shanhua Sugar Factory(善化糖廠)

Saturday:09:30 – 17:15





The lush wooded area next to Shanhua Sugar Factory(善化糖廠) attracts many photographers and newlyweds to take wedding photos, but many more people are drawn in by the sweet, tasty ice cream. Since 1905, the heavy aroma of sugar cane extraction has been wafting from the Shanhua Sugar Factory, providing unforgettable memories to its tourists. While the factory no longer produces sugar, its ice creams are still popular, with 9 flavors of ice cream and 13 flavors of popsicle. The factory also makes black tea. It is always packed in summer time with people enjoying the sweet flavors.


TEL +886-6-5810218

Address Shanhua Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

Open Hours Sunday:09:30 – 17:15
Monday:09:30 – 17:15
Tuesday:09:30 – 17:15
Wednesday:09:30 – 17:15
Thursday:09:30 – 17:15
Friday:09:30 – 17:15
Saturday:09:30 – 17:15

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