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Taiwanese Cypress at Lin Feng Ying(林鳳營落羽松)




The Taiwanese Cypress’ color change in fall and winter creates a beautiful sight that amazed the Internet audience. A forest of one thousand Taiwanese Cypress trees near Qingpubi at Lin Feng Ying in Liujia is now a seasonal attraction in Tainan due to its romantic setting. The Liujia Taiwanese Cypress forest is located next to No.1 Taiwan Highway. The cypress trees give the serene Qingpubi a romantic and elegant touch. From the trail that circles around the pond, neat rows of Taiwanese Cypress seem to stretch away into the distance. The rape flower fields nearby perfectly complements the waterside of Qingpubi. The reflections of the cypress trees on the lake, the rays of the morning sun poking through the woods and the early morning mists all seem to take on an exotic yet surreal beauty.



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