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Rush Workshop(藺草工坊)

Saturday:08:00 – 17:00





The hollow stems and long, stiff length of rush grass is well-suited to weaving. They also give off a unique and captivating fragrance. Rush can be woven into everyday items such as straw hats, straw sacks and reed mats. Many people in Taiwan still miss the rush mats that they slept on while growing up because they were cool and practical. At the peak of the rush weaving industry, rush weaving factories could be found throughout the length of Taiwan. Many mothers used their weaving skills to help make ends meet and raise their children. The rush weaving factories gradually disappeared and “Maoxing” in Tainan became the last traditional rush mat factory in Taiwan. Even then the march of progress almost forced it out of business. Thanks to popular support, the government intervened and Maoxing became the “Rush Workshop” in Shelin, Xigang. Its mission now is to carry on the local industry and cultural tradition, preserve the agricultural and grassroots culture, as well as help older unemployed people in the local community find work. “Rush Workshop” sells merchandise including decorations, wallets, business card holders and hand bags made out of rush. DIY rush-weaving workshops are available to experience the rush fragrance from Taiwan’s past.


TEL 06-7959504

Address 檨林里24號, Xigang Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Culture

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