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Luermen History and Culture Region Community Culture Museum(鹿耳門歷史文化區域地方文化館)




In Taiwan’s history, “Luermen” is the gateway to Taiwan. The “landing zone of Cheng-kung ZHENG” and “authenticity of Luermen Matsu” have been troubling the people, deities, events, and objects on both sides of the Lurermen River. The Matsu Gongzi Temple on the south bank and the Tuchengzi on the north bank have developed own religious cultures individually with independent successes. This community museum is a typical example.

The Luermen Tianhou Temple (Luermen Heavenly Empress Temple), i.e. Matsu Gongzi Temple, names itself as the “Luermen History and Culture Region Community Culture Museum” to actively operate four exhibition halls: “Zheng Cheng Kung Artefacts Exhibition Hall”, “Traditional Buildings Exhibition Hall”, “Modern Art Exhibition Hall”, and “Luermen Residence Exhibition Hall”. Although the contents of exhibition of these exhibition halls are not exactly the same, all shows the Luermen Tianhou Temple’s veneration and respect for history and culture.

The “Zheng Cheng Kung Artefacts Exhibition Hall” is the main exhibition hall of Luermen Tianhou Temple displaying hundreds of artefacts, documents, books, weapons, and so on relating to Cheng-Kung ZHENG. The admiral’s vessel “private ship” (flagship) is the highlight among all artefacts. There are also the helmets, armors, military gowns, the 17th century pistols, the statue of Cheng-kung ZHENG, the ancient map blue and white porcelain plate, and imitation maps of Emperor Kangxi, Qing dynasty. On the south (left) wing is the two-story “Traditional Buildings Exhibition Hall” featuring components of ancient temples, including ancient horizontal wooden tablets, stone incense burners, square table with benches set, and wooden carvings, providing some evidence and thoughts for the debates on the “landing zone of Cheng-kung ZHENG” and “authenticity of Luermen Matsu”.


TEL +886-6-2841386

Address No. 136, Mazugong 1st St., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Local Gallery

Open Hours Monday~Sunday 9:00~17:00

Charge Free


  • Introductory Lecture


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