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Taijiang Ecological Culture Zone(台江生態文化園區)




Sicao Fortress Historic Site

A Center of Faith: Sicao Dazhong Temple in Annan District

Marvel at Angel's Kiss by Taking A Raft Cruise through the Sicao Green Tunnel

Fishing Village and Salt Fields Ecological and Cultural Industry Tourism Experience

Watch Migratory Birds Flock in From September To March

One of the Most Ecologically Rich Wetlands along Coastal Taiwan


As the eighth national park in Taiwan, the Taijiang Ecological Cultural Park is an environmental education repository rich in wetland ecology. The vibrancy of Taijiang comes not only from the nourishment of mangroves and the annual migration of migratory birds, but also from the historical traces of ancient battlefields and the culture of the fishing and salt industry. The Taijiang area is always ready to share its present and past heritage and welcome visitors with open arms.

Weaving through the Green Tunnel of Sicao

Riding on the raft, the breeze caressing cheeks as the raft slowly moved forward. The mangrove forest overlapping in front of your eyes is the Sicao Green Tunnel, also known as the “Little Amazon of Taiwan”. Looking up, you can see warm light peeking out from the gaps in between the green foliage. Looking in the direction of the light, you can see the calm but reflective water surface of another dimension. Occasionally, the light of the waves is a sign that the residents, such as mudskippers and tide crabs, are coming out to greet visitors. When visitors reach the end of the tunnel, they still look back reluctantly, reminiscing about the tranquility of the city's secret green paradise.
鳥瞰四草隧道Marshal of the Sea: Sicao Dazhong Temple

The main deity worshipped at Sicao Temple is "Marshal of the Sea", also called Chen You. Marshal Chen was so brave and loyal that the Qianlong Emperor consecrated him as the Marshal of the Sea, to be venerated at the Dazhong Temple, so he is also known as Grand Master Dazhong, the first person to become a deity in Taiwan. It is said that the temple was built in the 39th year of Kangxi reign (circa. 1700AD), and it is the center of faith of Sicao in Annan District, where it also adds a strong cultural prestige to the Taijiang area.
鎮海元帥四草大眾廟大廳Sicao Fortress: The Bastion of an Ancient Coastal Town

During the Opium Wars, Yao Ying, the circuit intendant of Taiwan , commissioned 17 forts to defend the Anping and Taijiang areas, and Sicao Fortress was one of them, changing from a temporary fortress pier to an outer wall made of granite and an inner wall made of cobblestones. The wall of the fort had 13 gun holes. The fortress now sits adjacent to Zhenhai Elementary School, and the banyan tree is hidden in the corner of the school as the boundary wall.
砲台牆上有13個圓形砲孔Tainan City Tainan Salt Pan Eco-village

In the early years, the Anshun Salt Field was the first salt production base in Taiwan. After the salt industry ceased production, it was promoted and renovated by the government and cultural historians, and transformed into the present-day Salt Pan Eco-village. Seasoned salt field workers were invited to return, and develop the place into a hotspot of salt-themed tourism. The government has provided guidance to local residents and conservation groups in planning eco-tourism. Visitors can take a tube raft cruises along the Taijiang River, experience fishing village aquaculture, and visit the ancient battlefield in northern Shanwei. So, embark on a journey where the crystals glisten in the sunlight and an immersive journey of salt can be had.


Taijiang National Park Service Administration Center (Visitor Center)

The Administration Center is located in the Sicao aquaculture area, and is designed with a white high-rise building, preserving the original landscape and linking the fish farms with the Chianan Canal water system, providing a quality habitat for fish, shrimp and shellfish in the national park. The unique architectural shape of "Taijiang Island" is a microcosm of the history and culture of Taijiang, and the many design ingenuities have made this place a must-see photography hotspot in Tainan. The Visitor Center provides video viewing, tour information, and guided tours, making it a must-visit first stop before touring the park.


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