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East Gate Remain, Tainan Prefectural City Wall (臺灣府城城垣小東門段殘蹟)




When the Qing government built a wooden barrier city in Taiwan Prefecture in 1735, the range of Xiao Dongmen (minor east gatehouse) is: the Da Dongmen (grand east gatehouse) is built due east of the Longshan Temple, the wooden barrier runs northward from the grand east gatehouse to the back of the Zuoying Government Office and turns north to the minor east gatehouse before heading due north to the city garrison camp at Da Beimen (grand north gatehouse) Therefore, the Xiao Dongmen section is between the Da Dongmen and the Da Beimen sections.

Today, the part on Shengli Road is the only surviving Xiao Dongmen section. The trinity mixture fill Xiao Dongmen section is about 200m long in the north from Xiaodong Road and 65m long in the south on Daxue Road. The ruin is hidden in a thick forest. In 1996, the National Cheng Kung University demolished the southern part of the ruin for building the campus enclosure wall when it bought land for the Guangfu Campus.


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