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Formerly South Bank of Anping Port Diversion Dike(原安平港導流堤南堤)

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During 200 years from the Dutch occupation through the Kingdom of Tungnin to the reign of Emperor Daoguang, Qing dynasty, Anping was an isle separated from Taiwan Island. The wasters between Anping and Tainan coast was called the Taijiang Bay with water at 5-6m deep where large vessels could sail across. Anping is one of a series of sandbanks originally called Yikunshen. There are another six sandbanks between Anping and the estuary of the Erren River. All seven sandbanks were called one to seven Kunshen’s. Anping and Beixianwei (Bassemboy) sandbank are separated by waters. As it is the passage to the Taijiang Bay, the Dutch built Zeelandia (Anping old Fort) to safeguard the passage. The Luermen River separating the north of Beixianwei and Xixinggang sandbanks is another passage to the Taijiang Bay.

The coast of the old Anping Harbor formed by sand. When it pours, the flood will carry the sand from the upper course to the lower course. As the sand blocked by the wind and wave of the Taiwan Strait deposits in place and forms a long and narrow sandbank. The left and the right sandbanks were formed at sea at 2km off the National Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School. These sand banks border Xiakunshan in Tainan City in the south and link Anshun Village in Xinfeng (Annan District today). Although a bay is formed, due to the tidal and wind direction changes in the four seasons, both sandbanks (old Anping Harbor) are about 400m apart. As the harbor is a shallow sandbank, waves are common. Although waters come across, the deepest part is only 1m at the low tide, and changes are common. When waves begin, the location of the watercourse changes completely. Due to mud and sand deposits, the straight line between the old harbor to the old canal in Tainan City is extremely shallow. This straight-line watercourse has thus become the Tainan City Drainage.   The watercourse between the lower course of the Yanshui River, the passage to the old canal, and the harbor has been blocked by sand carried down by the flood, and the canal’s function was lost. A harbor engineering project was implemented in 1931 to cut away the sandbank peninsula at about 1km south of the old harbor to connect with the new canal, in order to build the new Anping Harbor. The project was initiated in October 1935 and completed in March 1938 after 29 months. Although the scale was not large, compared to the depth of the old harbor at 3m during low tide, the new harbor occupies an area of 100m allows free access of passenger and goods vessels and sailing boats at low tide. Levees were built along the watercourses on the south and north banks of the harbor. At the end of the levees there are two diversion dikes of 160m long, and light signals were equipped at the tip of each dike.  


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Address Anping Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • 467ryany

    Tainan, Taiwan

    Love dogs? You'll love it here.

    Traveler rating:3 2016-04

    Come here on a Sunday afternoon and you will find a big group of dogs with their owners just playing around or learning new tricks. Friendly atmosphere but feels a bit crowded. On other days, this place is a nice place for a quiet leisure walk.
  • ah tee s

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Clean and modern

    Traveler rating:4 2015-01

    In terms of sophistication, Anping Harbor pales in comparison with the Singapore Harbor. But compare with other historical harbors like Melaka and Hoi Ann that I visited, Anping Harbor is relatively modern and clean. Anping Harbor can be said to be the cradle of Taiwanese history and civilization. This harbor saw the migration of early Chinese settlers from Fukien province, witnessed the advent of the Dutch colonialists and the European traders and the subsequent annexation by the Japanese imperialists. This harbor plays a significant role in inducting a cosmopolitan culture into Anping and Tainan. There were many fishing trawlers anchored at the harbor. Anping remains a well-developed fishing village since memorial times. We saw dried fish stuff that were laid outside the local houses and many helpers sitting outside the verandah of their houses diligently extracting oysters out from clumps of shells. The harbor is closely connected in one way or another to the daily livelihood of the people in this part of Tainan. There seem nothing spectacular in the harbor area. What attracted me more is the clusters of those old low walled terrace houses opposite the harbor. Laid back, historical and worth a look! I am impressed by the numerous magnificent southern architectural style temples and low walled old houses dotted in this historical town and the few fortresses built by the Dutch.
  • Danny U


    Traveler type:


    Not much to see

    Traveler rating:2 2014-10

    I wouldn't really call this a tourist attraction and don't see any reason why a visitor would go out of their way to see the harbor. Maybe if you wanted to fly a kite, it would be a good place. Other than that, don't go out of your way to check it out.
  • Ariel7141986

    Tainan, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    Must Visit this place! New place to visit at Anping, Tainan City, Taiwan

    Traveler rating:5 2014-05

    Last weekend me and my Japanese boy went to Anping for spending our holiday. And on the way to our parking place, we saw a very beautiful and special building, but from its outside we don't know if it's a shop or restaurant. When we stepped in, wow, it's a cozy silver art craft shop! And there's a stone statue "sword lion" - the guardian of Anping placed in the center of this shop. The friendly staff came and told us we can touch its nose for get fortune (you know, a tradition of Asian to get good luck). And then we saw a big table with some tools on it, the staffs explain what was it for - it's silver accessory DIY zone! They have teachers who can teach us to make our own silver accessory! It's really cool, and we are lucky as they are having buy 1 get 1 free. I was wondering can i make it, but the teacher guild us step to step. In the end, I finished my own silver ring!! Hooray!! If you are planning to visit Anping, If you are interested in DIY, then this shop just a right place for you! 100% deserve for visiting!
  • whereisjessey311

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Very nice

    Traveler rating:4 2014-03

    It's a free attraction and a stop on the tour bus. There was an option to rent bikes and ride around. I didn't get a chance to do that but there's always next time.

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