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Remain of the formerly East Gate of the Tainan Prefectural City Wall(原臺灣府城東門段城垣殘蹟)




Based on the structure and appearance, the ruin of the city wall located between Da Dongmen (grand east gatehouse) and Xiao Dongmen (minor east gatehouse) in Guanghua Street should have built in 1788, the same year of the Xiao Dongmen ruin in the Guangfu Campus of National Cheng Kung University. After the Zhu Yigui armed rebellion, the Qing government built the wooden barrier city in 1733. After the Lin Shuangwen rebellion in 1788, the Qing government replaced the wooden barrier to mud barrier to fortify defense with stronger and larger fortifications. After the Chang Bing rebel, the Qing government expanded the outer city wall in 1833. The city wall was not demolished after the colonial government implemented the Tainan City re-planning in 1911 during Japanese colonization.

There are two city wall ruins located at the intersection of Guanghua Street and Section 1 of Dongmen Road. The south section is inside the civilian residence, and the north section is between two civilian residences. The appearance shows that they should be brick structures processed from the end to the bottom. The southeastern façade shows a trapezoidal shape. Guanghua Street is surrounded by the residential area. The overall appearance is quite good. Looking from the outside, the overall city wall look is unidentified, except for the wall shape. The north section is located between two civilian residences. As it is blocked by metal barriers in the east intersecting Dongrong Street, entry for further investigation is impossible. Through the seams of the barriers, the ruined city wall body is in sight.


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