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Niuchounei Pecten Fossil(牛稠內扇貝化石)




Geologically, Niuchounei and its surroundings in Zuojhen are located on the Qiding formation, with major rock types including the interbedded sandstone, shale, and mudstone. The distribution of rock types in the Qiding formation is: mudstone (dominant) at the bottom, mudstone (few layers) and sandstone (thick layer) in the middle, and sandstone and shale are interbedding on the top. Pecten and ostracean fossils are mostly found in the rock layer of this area.

Most part of the mountain in Niuchounei are “half-faced”: one side is slope (inclining towards west), and the other side is a hanging cliff (east of the slope). The interbedding of mudstone and sandstone favors the formation of badlands. As the terrain inclines towards the west, meanders passing across cause lots of “half-faced” mountains, forming special landforms and landscapes.



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