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Tainan Main Public Library

Monday:Break time





Not just a library, but also a theater and fine arts museum

The first library in Taiwan with an independent bookstore inside

From bookworms to visitors, all can spend a good time here

Eye-catching golden grille design, and spectacular night light sculptures


A Great Place for Bookworms and Visitors Alike
Transcends your imagination about a library! From a distance, the bright appearance of the golden grille shows a smooth and delicate characteristic beauty. Designed by Taiwanese and Dutch architects, when you look closely at the grille pattern, there is a subtle element of the unique window pattern of old Tainan houses. The architectural light sculpture lights up the night sky of Yongkang district after nightfall, making it particularly dazzling. The unique and beautiful appearance of the building has not only become a new Instagrammable hotspot, but also a key attraction for many photographers. Located next to the service counter on the 1st floor, you can check out the unique "24-hour book pickup and return area" of the Tainan Public Library (New Main Library), which has a large space for 2,400 books. It is super easy to check out and return books with simple steps, and is available 24 hours a day to serve readers. Through the glass, you can even see the process of transporting books on the conveyor belt and sorting them into book boxes.
夜晚建築亮起燈的景致更讓攝影好手趨之若鶩Unique Décor
When you enter the interior space, you are immediately attracted by the open, comfortable, and bright space. Another enchanting design is the paper sheet hanging from the patio. It is a public artwork by British artist Paul Cocksedge, "Gust of Wind", which seems to be blown to the sky by the wind and floats in mid-air, symbolizing the joy of reading paper and the freedom of mind and thought that readers can get from book pages. The red staircase that runs from the first to the sixth floor of the library, with its seemingly irregular structure and eye-catching colors, not only makes the space more layered, but also becomes one of the popular photo spots in the library, as it is further away from the reading area, so if you take photos here, you don't have to worry about disturbing the people reading. Of course, in the library, you still have to pay attention to the volume and walk lightly.
圖書館一至六樓的紅色樓梯是熱門打卡點"City Living Room" is Tailor-made For all Members of the Family
From a newspaper reading area for senior-aged readers, to a game reading room for young readers, a comic book area for teenagers, digital equipment, cooking classroom, café, independent bookstore, art gallery, theater, and other spaces awaiting visitors to come and explore. The B1 floor also has an open space and an entertaining five-sensory exploration area for kids to run and play, as well as a cart and tent reading area. Reservation required.
親子閱讀區裝潢活潑可愛Not Just a Library - the Smell of books is Perfectly Mixed with the Smell of Fresh Coffee
The first integrated bookstore of its kind in Taiwan is located in the library! The UBUNTU Café is located on the 4th floor. You can enjoy coffee and light snacks in the UBUNTU Bookstore without any worries. The seating area is equipped with a book wall, so that readers can enjoy reading in the fragrance of coffee, and if there are books one likes, the books can be purchased directly. It should be noted that the books in this area are managed separately from the library and cannot be brought into the library.
Whether you are a bookworm or a visitor, you can come to the main library of Tainan City and order a cup of coffee, and I believe you will have a wonderful and book-filled afternoon here.


TEL 06-3035855

Address No. 255, Kangqiao Avenue, Yongkang Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Category Local Gallery、Culture、Parks

Email ttwen@tnml.tn.edu.tw

Open Hours Sunday:08:30 – 17:30
Monday:Break time
Tuesday:08:30 – 21:00
Wednesday:08:30 – 21:00
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Saturday:08:30 – 21:00

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