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Mayor Huang Wei-che invites all to participate in the Tainan Minced Pork Rice Festival

Posted Date:2020-11-04



Tainan City, Taiwan’s food capital, is home to countless food stands, creating a competitive gastronomic culture. When it comes to iconic local snacks, the first cuisine that most people think of is Tainan’s beef soup or milkfish soup. However, braised pork rice, which is often paired with both of these soups, is also a big deal. At a press conference on October 27, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che officially kick-started events associated with the 2020 Tainan Minced Pork Rice Festival by banging a gong.

Tainan City Government launched the Tainan Minced Pork Rice Map this year, showing all 701 shops and stands in the city that sell this mouthwatering dish. With this map in hand, tourists need not worry about missing out on this delicious dish. Mayor Huang stated that in response to Taiwan’s schedule of opening up U.S. pork imports in 2021, a series of promotional events will be held to strengthen support for domestic pork and rice grown in Tainan and to promote Tainan’s minced pork rice culture.

Tainan City Government plans to host the 2020 Tainan Minced Pork Rice Festival on November 21, inviting those who excel in making the dish to compete with others. In addition, the Tainan Minced Pork Rice Carnival will be held on December 6. People from all around Taiwan are welcome to participate in the carnival and have a taste of Tainan’s delicious minced pork rice.


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