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To fairly balance between the centuries-old folk activity and disease prevention, Mayor Huang Wei-che announced the continuation of 2021 Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival with a smaller scale

Posted Date:2021-02-23



In order to show the respects to the gods and maintain the continuity of the centuries-old folk activity, Tainan City Government and Yanshui Wu Miao Temple(鹽水武廟) decided that the 2021 Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival will continue and those gun decks(炮城) which are already prepared should only be set off in sequence in the designated front square of Yanshui Wu Miao Temple. Besides, the city government appreciates Yanshui Wu Maio Temple’s efforts in striking balance between the preservation of local folk traditions and the implementation of disease control by not allowing general public to enter the firework launch area as well as conducting the name-based registration for staff.

Racks of fireworks will be collected in the front square of Yanshui Wu Miao Temple and ignited in sequence in the same place from 6PM to 12AM on February 26. There will be strict traffic control for vehicle and pedestrian and disease prevention measures onsite. Those who are not living in the control zone are not allowed to enter, including their vehicles. Another entry control will also be applied in the entrance of firecracker launch area so that the public cannot approach to watch the setting off firecrackers. Together with the name-based registration, staff shall carry identification card issued by the organizer, wear complete personal protective equipment, and wait for their turn to enter the launch area.

Tainan City Government’s Civil Affairs Bureau has supervised Yanshui District Office to review the amount of completed gun decks and to advise those owners to register for firecracker security check in advance. The Bureau also asks citizens to comply with requirements including (1) Do not construct any more gun decks in private. (2) Do not gather a crowd in the launch area to watch the lighting of firecrackers. (3) Do not set off firecrackers in private in any places other than the designated launch area. Since disease prevention is regarded as a war, this year’s Beehive Fireworks Festival will be an exclusive tribute to the Holy Ruler Deity Guan(關聖帝君) and will not open to the public, who are invited to enjoy the livestream at home instead.


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