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Tainan's Xinhua District Selected as a Classic Town in Taiwan 2020: Mayor Huang Wei-Che invites the public to experience the beauty of “Tainan's backyard”

Posted Date:2020-01-07




Following the launch of 30 classic small towns in the 2019 Small Town Year, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is rolling out a review to select 30 classic small towns (including 20 mountain towns) for "Small Town 2.0" in conjunction with the 2020 Year of Mountain Tourism, which will combine ministry resources to drive the next wave of small town touring. Tainan City has added Xinhua District to the list for this year (2020) after Houbi District and Yanshui District last year. The award ceremony was held today (1/7) by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the award was presented by Minister of Transportation Lin Chia-Long himself. The city government was represented by Director-General Chen Hsin-An of the Tainan City Tourism Bureau and District Chief Wu Jin-Hsi of Xinhua District to receive the award and welcome the third classic town in Tainan City.


Mayor Huang Wei-Che remarked happily when he heard the news of the award, "Wow! This is one of the secret spots of Tainan people! I'd like to share this award with everyone and invite them to come and visit Tainan's backyard. In recent years, the city government has continued to cooperate with the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in the Year of Small-Town Tourism Program to promote tourism and development of small towns with special characteristics. The city plans to build a complete tourism service and other software and hardware to introduce the unique humanistic scenery to all visitors, and sincerely invite domestic and foreign tourists to get to know the diverse culture of small towns in Tainan through in-depth tourism.


Director-General Chen Hsin-An of the city's Tourism Bureau noted that last year, the city made every effort to market the selected Houbi and Yanshui Districts in conjunction with the Classic Small Towns Program, and the number of visitors increased significantly through various activities and promotions. Tainan's Xinhua District, formerly known as "Daimujian", used to be a trading point for farmers from the mountainous areas to enter the city. It is a lively area with culture, history, food, nature, experience and knowledge as well as an area where the Tainan City Government often receives travel route suggestions. The area features the first reservoir in Taiwan, Hutoubi Reservoir, the only low-altitude tropical forest in Taiwan, the Daimujiang Cultural Park (Xinhua Old Street, Former Street Office, Wu De Temple, Yang Kui Literature Memorial Hall, Ou Wei Film Hall, Assembly Hall, Su Family Mansion and Japanese Police Dormitory Complex), Dakeng Recreation Farm, Mukjia Mountain Prairie, Green Valley Siraya, tourist factories, golf courses and other scenic spots. Not only that, every year, there are events such as Xinhua New Year Street, Tainan International Wind Ensemble Festival, Golden Shower (Cassia Fistula) Blossom Season and Tainan May Jam, which are not only culturally informative, but also suitable for families to have fun together and have in-depth special experiences.


The city government's Tourism Bureau further pointed out that Xinhua is suitable for tourism throughout the year, and the must-see Xinhua New Year Street will be held from January 18 to 23 to welcome the Spring Festival. In April, there is a firefly viewing season at Xinhua Forest Area, and in May and June, there is the golden shower flower season and Tainan May Jam.  During the summer vacation, canoeing and other water recreation activities are available, while the Hutoupi Scenic Area, Dakeng Leisure Farm, Xinhua Forest, and Mujia Mountain Prairie in the district have trails suitable for hiking throughout the year.  The Damujian Cultural Park, with its nostalgic retro vibe, is the best place to learn about the evolution of Damujian culture, the cultural spots for young people and the best food in Xinhua, and it is also close to the Zuozhen Erliao Sunrise View Deck, as well as the Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum and the Zuojhen Fossil Park, which just opened last year.

With plenty to see, do, and eat, why not take a short trip to this tranquil land in suburban Tainan for the most natural air, the most beautiful forest, and the most pleasant slow life to experience charming small-town life.


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