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Congratulations! Tainan’s Anping, Guantian, and Beimen Districts Selected as Classic Towns 3.0: There are now 6 Classic Towns in Tainan for you to explore!

Posted Date:2020-11-19




The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the list of Classic Small Towns 3.0 on November 18, with a total of 16 counties and cities with 30 small towns selected. Tainan has once again shined on the national stage. In addition to Yanshui District and Houbi District in the first year and Xinhua District in the second year, Tainan has a total of 6 districts selected.  Mayor Huang Wei-Che noted that Tainan's tourism resources are very rich, not only the six districts selected as classic towns, each district has its own characteristics, whether it is nature, humanities, food, architecture, culture. All are worthy of visitors to come back again and again and explore in detail. This time, of the three selected small towns, Anping District has always been a long-standing tourist town in Tainan, and also the gateway to Taijiang National Park. Beimen District and the Guantian District are the locations of the Southeast Coast National Scenic Area Administration and the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, respectively. They have been key areas for tourism promotion and construction, and the city will continue to work with the central government and local public offices to promote them in the future.

Among the selected small towns in Tainan, Anping District is probably the most familiar to most people; whether it is the Anping Old Street, the Anping Old Fort, the ancient fortress, the beautiful scenery of the canal cruise, the delicious food, the sword lion culture, the public art Greetings From the Whale, the Deyang Destroyer Museum, the Argo Yacht Cruise and many other tourist resources. Beimen District is renowned for having Taiwan’s oldest salt fields, the Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Field, the beautiful sunset, the Crystal Church, the sperm whale fossils in the Beimen Visitor Center, the Shuangchun Coastal Recreation Area, the Nankunshen Daitian Temple, and ecological protected areas for the black-faced spoonbills and the whiskered terns, which are also scenic spots with constant visitors. Guantian District is home to the Guantian Visitor Center, which was just completed this year. It is a beautiful attraction with a combination of architectural and natural scenery, as well as the Wushantou Reservoir, the Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park, the culture of the local water chestnut industry, and the characteristic ecology of pheasant-tailed jacanas.


Tainan City Tourism Bureau Director-General Guo Chen-Hui said that there are numerous small towns with special characteristics in Tainan. In the classic town event organized by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation selected Houbi District and Yanshui District in 2019, Xinhua District in 2020, and Anping District, Beimen District and Guantian District in 2021, to a total of 6 Classic Towns. Chen pointed out that the Tourism Bureau will work with local public institutions and the management offices of Taijiang National Park, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, and Siraya National Scenic Area to promote the classic towns so that visitors can experience their individual highlights. Of course, there are not only six small towns in Tainan, the Tourism Bureau will also combine local resources in a timely manner to promote the wider region. At least four days and three nights are needed to visit the selected classic towns of Tainan. In addition, there will be a variety of events throughout Tainan before the end of the year, including the "Pokémon Go City Spotlight" held on 11/22 in throughout Tainan, the Tainan Music City Festival held on 11/27-29, the LucFest Festival and the accompanying street market. In December, there will be a series of Christmas lighting and evening activities starting in December inviting all to come visit and be enchanted by the city.



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