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Tainan City Trains Minority Language Tour Guides to Expand Tourism Resources, Mayor Huang Wei-che Encourages Them to Share Tainan's Beautiful Features With the World

Posted Date:2021-10-08



Tainan is a major tourism city. Although its tourism industry was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the city is still actively training tourism professionals. Recently, Tainan's Tourism Bureau organized the minority language tour guide training course. Mayor Huang Wei-che attended the graduation ceremony on Sep. 25 and encouraged the 22 newly minted tour guides to leverage their language abilities and professional skills and share Tainan's charm with international visitors.


The Mayor also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Taiwan-Vietnam New Residents Caring Association (CTVA) and other groups for their support. Since many new residents have signed up to become tour guides, they will be able to interact with visitors from their home country and help the visitors learn more about Tainan with ease. These tour guides also play a crucial role in promoting the beauty and culture of Tainan as their unique backgrounds facilitate cultural interactions and stimulate city marketing and tourism. In the future, Tainan City Government will apply for more budget from the central government to support tour guide training courses for additional languages.


The minority language tour guide training course, organized by the Tainan City Tourism Bureau, aims to leverage the diverse cultural and language backgrounds of new residents and expand professional local tourism resources. After completing the course, trainees gain tour guide skills and become seed talents for Tainan's minority language tour guide training. The training course includes classes on tour guide skills, things to remember when welcoming international visitors to Taiwan, and practical experience sharing. Twenty-two overseas Chinese students, and new residents from Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, along with their children, attended the training.


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