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Tainan City Actively Assists Temples in Establishing English-friendly Environments To Display The International Tourism Soft Power of Local Religious Culture

Posted Date:2022-01-10



Known as the ancient cultural capital of Taiwan, Tainan is home to a wide array of religious cultures which attract foreign visitors to the city every year. To help international visitors experience the local culture easier, Tainan City Government encourages local temples to set up English-friendly environments. Currently, 25 temples in Tainan have obtained English-friendly environment certifications, among which 15 temples offer bilingual interpretations for their divine lots.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed that Tainan is not only an international city but also the capital of deities. Almost every foreign visitor in Tainan would visit a temple and English-friendly temples would be a good way to facilitate more international interactions. If global travelers know that temples in Tainan offer bilingual services, they would be more willing to visit.

In 2021, the city government assisted Huoshan Biyun Temple in Baihe District and Yu Huang Yu Sheng Temple in the North District in setting up their English-friendly environments. Huoshan Biyun Temple offers divine lot interpretations in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese, and to further promote the city's faith tourism, a brief introduction of the temple's history is also translated and printed into free flyers. Yu Huang Yu Sheng Temple now offers its guide pamphlet, temple introduction, and worship procedure in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese.


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