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"Travel Tainan App" Revamped; Now You Can Take a Photo with the Ever-popular "Mr.Fish Head" Mascot.

Posted Date:2022-03-30


"Travel Tainan App" Revamped


Since "Travel Tainan App" last underwent a major update in October 2018 to improve the overall interface and user experience, it has accumulated tens of thousands of downloads so far. New functions include a travel stamp collection feature, and some fans have even visited all of the nearly 300 pinned locations set by the app, and can be truly called a "Tainan Travel Expert". Now, "Travel Tainan App" has been  revamped once again at the end of March 2022. This time, besides improving the overall interface based on user feedback, the app has also integrated the route planning features of the "Lí hó Tainan App". The English version of the interface has been optimized, and the Japanese and Korean versions have been added so that foreign visitors to Tainan can easily search for information on nearby attractions and stores through the app. In addition, several interesting and practical features have been introduced, including "Photo with 3D Mr.Fish Head", "Tainan Beauty Shots", and "Online Travel Agency (OTA)" interface function. An upgraded version of the stamp collection function is expected to be launched on April 8, and will be available for the public to experience through exciting challenge activities.This is something Tainan Travel Experts will be highly anticipating.


Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che noted that Tainan, with its rich cultural heritage, has always been one of the must-visit cities for foreign tourists. This time, the Japanese and Korean versions have been added and the original English version has been optimized, so that foreign tourists can get localized services through the Travel Tainan App when they come visit Tainan.The mascot of Tainan tourism, Mr.Fish Head, which has gained a viral following both at home and abroad, is not featured in the app through a special "Photo with 3D Mr.Fish Head" function in this updated version. Simply download the Travel Tainan app to take a super close-up shot with the popular Mr.Fish Head in creative poses.


Director Kuo Chen-Hui of the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government pointed out that from now on, one can simply download the latest version of the Travel Tainan App from Google play store or Apple Store, click on the "hot features" menu and then access the  "Photo with 3D Mr.Fish Head" and "Tainan Beauty Shots" function. The "Photo with 3D Fish Head" has 10 kinds of fish head poses, such as eating, sleeping, taking a selfie, being a waiter, jumping, etc. Show your creativity and capture the most important moments by taking an interesting and fun photo with Mr.Fish Head. With the "Tainan Beauty Shots", you can choose the general photo mode and the selfie mode. After taking a picture, draw the area you want to leave behind, and then select from a list of iconic Tainan sceneries from the system gallery to use as a background, after which you will be instantly transplanted to the beautiful sceneries of Tainan.


In addition, the newly added online travel agency (OTA) interface function allows you to browse through the tours offered by online travel agency platforms by simply using the "Booking" shortcut on the home page, and directly tap on the tour you are interested in to link to a specific platform for reservation. At present, the app has already been linked to  KKDay and Klook, two online travel agency platforms that are partnering with the Tourism Bureau.In the future, we will continue to increase the number of partners so that users can choose from many more options.


Director Kuo noted that the new version of "Travel Tainan App" will allow users to experience the refreshing new interface and several new features, and on 4/8, an upgraded version of the stamp collection function is expected to be launched, with Tainan's scenic spots and the popular Mr.Fish Head for interesting stamp collection and prize activities. It is hoped that through the interactive games, the Bureau can receive valuable suggestions on the user experience as a reference for the continuous optimization of the app. Director Kuo also mentioned that more interactive app activities will be gradually launched in the future, and a photo contest through the photo function in the app is also been planned, with exciting limited-edition prizes awaiting the winners.


According to the Tourism Bureau, although the in-app photo function allows you to take pictures with Mr.Fish Head and Tainan’s beautiful sceneries without being physically present, the beauty of Tainan, the hometown of Mr.Fish Head, can only be felt by visiting in person. There are many exciting events throughout Tainan during the Children’s Day consecutive holidays, such as the 2022 Taiwan International Orchid Show (3/26~4/5), the Luermen Mazu Temple International Fireworks Festival (4/3), the Lions Roar Children's Music Festival (4/3~4/5), the 2022 Hulubei Natural Park Children's Fun Fair (4/2~4/4), and the Shueijiaoshe Cultural Park - Into the Sky Art Festival (4/2~4/5).Hutoubei Scenic Area will also offer a special promotion on Children's Day (4/4). In addition, the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher, Domestic Travel Voucher and Farm Tour Voucher will expire at the end of April, so launch the Travel Tainan app and arrange a wonderful trip to Tainan with the vouchers before they expire!



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