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Key Visual and Theme Music Release for Tainan’s 400th Anniversary

Posted Date:2022-07-20



A series of events for Tainan’s 400th Anniversary opens to the public today. The year 1624, almost 400 years ago, marked Taiwan’s formal entry into the era of global navigation. Over the past 400 years, various ethnic groups have experienced conflict, cooperation and common prosperity on this land. This backdrop has not only shaped today’s Tainan, but also constructed today’s Taiwan, making Taiwan a shining star on the international stage. Looking back at the past and forward to the future, the year 1624 is the beginning of Tainan. The year 2024 marks the 400th anniversary and will serve as the link between Tainan's past and future.

To allow Tainan to be known around the world, the Tainan municipal government is launching a series of incredible events over the next two years to stimulate everyone's visual and auditory senses. The visual system of Tainan’s 400th Anniversary is designed by Akibo, the godfather of Taiwan design. Drawing on Siraya’s cross-stitch, Fort Zeelandia, historical buildings, cultural landscapes, and natural ecology, the visualization incorporates historical elements and local features, delivering a brand-new style of Tainan. Taking inspiration from Tainan's history, there are two different logo designs. One is “Harmony”, transforming the characteristics of Siraya’s traditional cross-stitch, and other is “Glory”, which reflects the future of the city as a place of ethnic harmony, freedom and hope. The key visual presentation includes the logos, colors, applications and productions. Tainan’s four-time honored bakeries, GLF FOODS, Wan Chuan Hao Bing Pu, Polar Bakery, and Gan Ben Tang have collaborated with many Tainan designers to incorporate the design into heart-felt and elegant new Tainan aesthetics that showcase Tainan’s cultural landscape over the past 400 years.

As for music, Hsieh Ming-Yo, Best Male Vocalist in Taiwan in the Golden Melody Awards and Dazhi, a well-known rapper, both of whom are Tainanese, are invited to compose Tainan’s 400th Anniversary theme song “Slowly Love Tainan”. Popular delicacies and features of Tainan, such as Tainan beef soup, milkfish congee, savory rice pudding (Wa gui), herb tea and other local cuisine, as well as the street scenes of every day life in the city, are written into the lyrics. Coupled with nostalgic music and Dazhi’s sprightly rap, they truly transform Tainan's authentic flavor and authentic friendliness into an auditory sensation that people will want to listen to many times over.

Mayor Huang Wei-che highlighted in his speech that “over the past 400 years, Tainan has witnessed the rise of Taiwan; but over the next 400, Tainan will lead Taiwan on a confident new journey to the world”. This sentiment not only expresses Tainan’s confidence and pride, but also conveys the expectation of where Tainan is headed in the future. We welcome the world to feel the innovation, beauty and charm of Tainan, and allow Tainan to interact and build lasting friendships with the world.



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