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Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che Unveils the Mangrove Trail at the Shuangchun Seaside Recreation Area: Walk the Trail and Explore the Beauty of the Mangrove Forest.

Posted Date:2022-07-24


Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che Unveils the Mangrove Trail at the Shuangchun Seaside Recreation Area


The Shuangchun Seaside Recreation Area is a well-known natural ecological experience coastal viewing point in northern Tainan and has become popular among campers in recent years. In addition to enjoying a camping experience without bringing your own kit, you can also observe the rich mangrove ecology at close range. This year, the renovation of the water boardwalk has been completed, which will bring visitors a richer recreational experience.


Mayor Huang Wei-Che unveiled the beauty of the mangrove boardwalk on site, saying that the southward extension of the boardwalk was started immediately after he took office and the reconstruction of the southside boardwalk was completed in three years, combining the distinctive mangrove ecology in the area, the dead Casuarina trees and the wetland waterscape formed by the tide and the rustling sound of the summer wind through the branches and leaves. Through the water and land experiences, heal the hearts and minds that have been stressed out by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you like sunshine, greenery and water, you will definitely love the mangrove trails at the Shuangchun Seaside Recreation Area, where you can experience fun and tranquility at the same time. It is a great option for outdoor school trips, family trips or just going alone and having a quiet conversation with yourself.


Director-General Kuo Chen-Hui of the Tourism Bureau pointed out that there are two north-south trails in the mangrove forest on the west side of the park, which have been affected by seawater and salt erosion, strong winds and sunlight for years and many of them are old and damaged. In recent years, the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government has been investing resources in the renovation of the boardwalk in both directions. In 2018, the renovation of the boardwalk in the north direction was completed and in 2020, the extension of the boardwalk in the south direction, which had been closed for 10 years, was rebuilt and in 2022, the renovation of the whole section of the boardwalk was completed. The renovated boardwalk trail is 456 meters long and 3 meters wide, with a gentle and comfortable route. The morning sunlight penetrates the green tunnel through the gaps in the foliage, making it a relaxing walk. At low tide, you can also get close to the tide crabs, mudskippers and the mangrove root system, which is very suitable for a family experience. Recently, in the southern mangrove waters, the park and professional organizations have been planning to promote SUP and kayaking activities to achieve the concept of educating for water safety and protecting the security woodland and mangrove ecological conservation.


At the peak of summer in Shuangchun, there is no urban heat and the sea breeze gently flows with a light salty smell, as well as the vibes of summer. In the summer as the COVID-19 pandemic slows down, it is a good place for visitors to enjoy the scenery, have a picnic, take photos and relax. The park also provides catering, shopping, camping and other services. If visitors are interested in the park or the services offered, they can inquire with the Facebook page of "Vanaheim," the service hotline is 06-7865355.


During the summer vacation, Tainan is holding many popular tourism activities, including "2022 Tainan City Water Recreation Experience," which allows visitors to enjoy the natural scenery of Tainan by water; the "Tainan Foodie Tour" where foodies share their list of all the delicious food in Tainan; "2022 Tainan Cigu Seafood Festival,", featuring a sumptuous summer feast; the "2022 Salt Sculpture and Light Sculpture Art Festival," which allows visitors to experience the beauty of art; "2022 Xinying Sweet Festival," which brings sweetness to the heart and the "Tainan Shopping Festival" where great prizes are drawn every month. Don't forget to stay in Tainan and draw for prizes with the 2022 Tainan Day Pass. In addition to hotel accommodation vouchers and meal vouchers, you could also bring home exciting prizes such as motor scooters, luxury ferry tickets and various Tainan specialty souvenirs. Local Revitalization Vouchers are available at 50 partner stores as announced by the local revitalization coupons until the end of August. For information on related activities, please visit the official "Tainan Travel" website.


Tips: When traveling during the epidemic, pay attention to health conditions and rest at home if not feeling well. Please also ensure that you have taken required vaccine shots, wear masks throughout the trip, wash hands and disinfect them regularly and keep a safe social distance. Use the Taiwan Social Distancing App to protect yourself and others.


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