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Tainan’s Food Galore - Hungarian Influencer Explores Tainan Food Culture

Posted Date:2022-09-13


Hungarian Influencer Explores Tainan Food Culture


The famous Hungarian influencer Li Taiwan featured a foodie tour to Tainan on his YouTube account, conveying the local life of Tainan to his Hungarian viewers and evoking the memories of Hungarians who previously traveled to Taiwan. Some Hungarian viewers even went on to comment "Taiwan is actually not far away at all" and "I have been to this night market too!" Li Taiwan also pointed out that this is the perfect season to enjoy fresh mangoes, produced locally right here in Tainan!

Li Taiwan, a Hungarian woman married to a Taiwanese national, has introduced her life in Taiwan in her mother tongue in recent years and has attracted a growing fan base back home in Hungary. The channel provides information on Taiwan travel and cosmetic products to fellow Hungarians, successfully bringing the two countries closer together and satisfying Hungarian curiosity about Taiwan.

In the video, influencer Li Taiwan visits Tainan attractions such as the Tainan Art Museum, Hayashi Department Store, Chikan Tower and the Dadong Night Market. Upon visiting the Tainan Art Museum's special exhibition "Ghosts and Hells: The Underworld in Asian Art ," she couldn’t help taking shots with the trending zombie props.  She also learned about Taiwan's folklore and other Asian countries' beliefs in ghosts and deities. Later on, Li Taiwan visited the Confucius Temple and Chikan Tower and was amazed at the changes since the Dutch occupied Taiwan more than 400 years ago.  For street food, Ding Fu Fa's lard rice mixed rice with raw egg yolk serves as a super delicious treat to open up the appetite! When it comes to Tainan, mango ice is a must-try, topped with the freshest mangoes produced right here in Tainan. Among the most nostalgic Tainan night market culture, shawarma, pan-fried dumplings, boba milk tea,  sugar coated fruit sticks and sweet potato balls are all quintessential snacks to try out. With queues forming at popular stalls that have been passed down from generation to generation, when Li Taiwan saw the classic snack "small sausage in large sausage," she couldn't help pining for Hungarian chili sausage from her hometown and exclaimed that two days in Tainan is simply not enough!

According to Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che, the relationship between Taiwan and European countries has been getting better and better in recent years. Last month, a delegation of 11 dignitaries of the European Very Important Partners (EVIP-G), from the EU, France, Hungary, Slovakia and the UK had just concluded a visit to Tainan. The mayor himself also presented seasonal fruits, the pomelo and invited the delegation to visit urban attractions to experience local snacks. Europe has started to build a solid friendship with Tainan and Taiwan; in the past four years since the mayor took office, with the gradual completion and upgrade of tourism and infrastructure in the city, the brand of Tainan as a tourist capital has already been established at home and abroad.

Kuo Chen-hui, Director of the Tainan City Tourism Bureau, said that Hungary is the second highest investment target for Taiwan in the EU, after the Netherlands and the trade between the two countries is growing year by year. In addition, Ambassador Liu Shih-Chung, Taiwan Representative to Hungary, has been creative in marketing Taiwan's soft power through diverse methods and Taiwan's food culture and tourism have been gaining attention in Hungary in recent years. Li Taiwan's videos are presented in the Hungarian language, providing more practical information and views on Tainan to her fellow countrymen. We are very happy that she likes the food and culture of Tainan and hope that more Hungarian friends will come to Tainan and receive the warm hospitality of Tainaners in the future after border restrictions are gradually relaxed.

Director Kuo further noted that on the second half of the year, activities in Tainan will continue uninterrupted and the city welcomes all to visit Tainan. If you stay in a legal accommodation in Tainan in line with the campaign rules, scan the QR Code of the hotel operator and enter your stay information to receive a "2022 Tainan Day Pass," an electronic coupon for free public transport rides on the Greater Tainan Bus, including e-coupons for food, lodging, sightseeing, shopping and travel and more! More than 1,000 companies will participate in the e-coupon drawing and more than 300 exciting prizes are waiting for you to take home! In addition, the 2022 Tainan Shopping Festival has already kicked off! Visit Tainan before December 31 and register your invoice for local consumption, you will have a chance to take home exciting prizes, with a combined market value of over NT$3 million. Coming events in Tainan include Mickey and Friends CHILL Tour of Tainan (9/9-10/30), Tainan Water Recreation (Swan Lake Park 10/30-31; Hutoupi Scenic Area 11/6-7, 11/13-14), "Tainan Singing Song of the Era Music Festival” Concert (10/30), Tainan Market (10/28-30), Tainan Wine Carnival (10/29-30), Chikan Festival (10/29-30) and Tainan Music City (11/5-6). Come experience a variety of different experiences in Tainan. For more information, please visit the Tainan Travel website.


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