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Introduction to Sababoy, Mascot of the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government

Posted Date:2020-10-22


UniLions X Sababoy X Tainan Hele Plaza


“Sababoy’s Self-Introduction”

Every part of the milkfish can be turned into an array of delicious dishes. It is every milkfish’s mission in life to become as delicious as it can be.

I am a smart milkfish filled with enthusiasm. Born and raised in the fine shallow ponds of Tainan, my head is filled with Tainan trivia and local delicacies. I want to be more than just a great meal however... All the grand ambitions and great expectations in my head led to my making of a bold decision driven by passion...

I decided to leave my birthplace! However, to move about more easily, I decide to split my head from the body and meet the world in my fish-head form. I will also tell the world how great the food is in Taiwan and how wonderful a holiday in Tainan can be~!

I am... Sababoy!

Home and Profile:

🐟English Name: Sababoy (Saba means milkfish in Taiwanese)
🐟Birthplace: Shallow Pond Fish Farm, Cigu, Tainan
🐟Mission: Let the whole world know about Tainan and fall in love with it
🐟Dream: Travel around the world making new friends
🐟Hobbies: Food, travel, street dancing, video games, sport
🐟Idols: Luffy (One Piece), Master Yoda
🐟Birthday/Starsign: June 11 / Gemini

  • A keen observer filled with curiosity and a zest for learning. Always cheerful, enthusiastic, and clever. A prankster that often comes up with really bizarre ideas.
  • His charisma means he has many friends
  • An optimist by nature, he has keen instincts and works hard. He lives a carefree and lively existence.
  • A frequent daydreamer that sometimes comes up with impractical dreams (e.g. becoming the first milkfish to colonize Mars)
  • Extremely adaptable to all kinds of environments, and soon feels at home in new conditions.
  • Loves fun and variety, so he is a frequent traveler who specializes in recreation.
  • Is easily distracted by new things so often forgets what his current task is.
  • Has a talent for writing and languages. He is also very sensitive to the latest fashions so always looks young and trendy

🌟Appearance for tourism promotion:

For most domestic and foreign tourists, their impression of Tainan beyond the historical buildings and great food is naturally the milkfish cuisine on offer everywhere. The rarely-seen “fish head” with its unique appearance is therefore emphasized. Unlike run-of-the-mill mascots that try to look cute, “Sababoy” takes a totally different route...

Turn around...

The distinctive, sectioned fish-head look means Sababoy leaves a very strong impression.
Different types of headgear are worn for different settings to represent Sababoy’s love of outdoor activities.


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