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My Tainan Tour - Volunteers Share the Best of Tainan through English Walking Tours

Posted Date:2023-06-05


My Tainan Tour - Volunteers Share the Best of Tainan through English Walking Tours 1


Tainan has long been known as a historic city of culture. It has always been a popular tourist destination due to its many historic buildings and eateries tucked away in side streets. The promotion of local tourism is the mission of the Tainan City Government’s Tourism and Travel Bureau. In addition to bringing domestic tourists to Tainan, the Bureau is also hard at work bringing the beauty of Tainan to the world. With international travel set to resume in earnest now that the COVID-19 pandemic is easing both domestically and overseas, the Tourism Bureau is now inviting volunteers for English walking tours to share their insights and experience from the groups that they hosted to enhance Tainan’s service capability for English walking tours.

Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-Che said that Tainan was the first city to be developed in Taiwan. The city’s rich history and culture are reflected in its streets, with traces of early settlers and their moving stories waiting in every corner for you to explore. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Tainan’s founding, City hall is organizing all kinds of activities for local and foreign travelers, including English walking tours. Tainan hopes that the English walking tours will leave more foreign travelers with wonderful memories of Tainan.

Acting Director-General Lin Kuo-Hua of the Tourism Bureau stated that the city has 3 English walking tour routes. The Classic Tour, Local Tour, and Sea Discovery Tour each linking together historical sights, local markets, and coastal destinations. The tours are mainly offered to foreign travelers and have proven to be very popular. The tours are conducted as small groups of 1 to 6 people to provide the best tour quality. Walking tours run for approximately two hours. All information such as routes, meeting points, sessions and volunteer guides are published on the English version of the Travel Tainan website.

The Tourism Bureau added that the English walking tours have served more than a thousand people since they were first launched. The visitors hailed from 45 countries including US, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. All foreign tourists that took the tours had nothing but praise for the service. The lifting of border restrictions will hopefully see tourists from more countries taking advantage of the opportunity to visit Tainan and boost local tourism.

According to the Tourism Bureau, the My Tainan Tour English walking tours is supported by around 40 volunteer guides. Two workshops have already been held for experienced and new volunteers alike to share their tour guide experience, learn from each other, and practice introductions for each site. The volunteers were enthusiastic about the workshops. Mr. Lin, one of the volunteers, said seeing how much the historical stories of Tainan impressed foreign visitors gave him a tremendous sense of achievement. Mr. Li, another volunteer, said that the tours gave them the opportunity to meet travelers from other countries and citizen diplomacy is fun. The volunteer Mr. Chen said that the recent hot weather meant that treating tourists to Tainan’s refreshing snacks is a great idea too. The Tourism Bureau will continue to collect suggestions from the volunteers. Feedback from volunteer workshops and travelers will continue to be reviewed and improvements made to provide a better travel environment.



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