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Passport to Taiwan Festival Resumes in New York - Tainan Gives Out Specialty Gifts to Promote Tainan Tourism

Posted Date:2023-05-30


Passport to Taiwan Festival Resumes in New York - Tainan Gives Out Specialty Gifts to Promote Tainan Tourism 1


The Passport to Taiwan Festival was held at Union Square in New York on May 28. The event celebrates the US proclamation of the Taiwanese American Heritage Week in 1999 and attracts more than ten thousand participants every year. The festival is the largest and longest-running Taiwanese event in the U.S and a celebration of Taiwan’s cultural diversity. The event weathered three years of COVID-19 and returned with a bang on May 28 this year. People queued for all the different kinds of food on offer, while the folk and musical performances won resounding applause as well. The Tainan City Government took an active role this year as well by giving out Tainan 400 lucky charms during the Passport to Taiwan Festival. The charms were intended to communicate peace and good luck. Face masks and folders featuring “Sababoy,” Tainan’s tourism ambassador, were also given away. These Tainan-themed gifts will hopefully attract more Western visitors by promoting Tainan’s tourist destinations and features.

Mayor Huang Wei-Che said that Tainan is a city filled with history and culture. They have continued to invest in the international tourism market by launching branded advertising campaigns in target countries that showcase Tainan as a city of tourism. More than 500 million exposures have been achieved in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia so far. Tainan also hosts international tourism events such as the Vienna Oktoberfest and International Gastronomy Forum. International celebrities were also invited to visit Tainan, and invited to act as Tainan’s tourism spokesperson in Taiwan and overseas. Such efforts attracted the attention of the international media and recognition by the Michelin Guide, all of which served to further boost the visibility of tourism in Tainan. In the European and US tourism market, since travel restrictions on tourists were lifted in October last year the number of international visitors to Taiwan have seen a sharp rebound. The US and Canadian markets have been particularly strong performers with more than 110,000 visitors between January and March in 2023. Together they form the largest market for the long-haul market. Tainan is therefore continuing to step up its marketing efforts to boost the number of visitors to Taiwan from North America. The popular US travel program Inside SoCal for example aired on March 19 exciting segments featuring its Emmy Award-winning host Erica Olsen’s trip to Taiwan. Her itinerary included a retro tour of Tainan’s cultural and creativity scene that greatly enhanced the international profile of Tainan. The Union Square event in New York provided Tainan with a tremendous opportunity for greater exposure. The City Government team will work to strengthen the international image of Tainan and its visibility in the international market.

Acting Director-General Lin Kuo-Hua from the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government said that the Bureau is continuing to build up a service and reception chain that is friendly to international tourists in order to attract more international visitors and provide a better travel experience. In 2020, City Hall embarked on an internal optimization campaign that inspected and strengthened the tourism-friendliness of city services in the five aspects of “food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and transportation.” These included assisting with multi-lingual menus (English ,Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese), mentoring tourism operators on providing friendly services in multiple languages, compiling multi-lingual reception service database, editing the “Handbook on Building an Internationally Friendly Tourism Environment,” and mentoring local tourism operators on obtaining WTTC “Safe Travel” stamp international certification, and enhancing the international friendliness of business venues. In addition, the development of traveler-friendly service systems included the provision of Chinese, English, Japanese, and Vietnamese services for international visitors at physical Visitor Centers by the Tourism Bureau and 24-hour assistance through the LINE app. Training workshops were also held for tour guides to help new immigrants as well as bus, taxi, and car-hire operators become front-line tourism ambassadors. A free booking service for English walking tours is now provided through the official website to give foreign travelers an in-depth introduction to Tainan. By upgrading Tainan’s international tourist reception services in terms of food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and transportation, Tainan makes it safe and convenient for foreign tourists to visit Tainan. The cultivation of even more international fans of Tainan will help build up the city’s word-of-mouth advertisements.

The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City will continue to host exciting events that draw local and foreign visitors into experiencing the rich culture and unique atmosphere of Tainan. it is hoped that the latest collaboration with the Passport to Taiwan Festival and resultant exposure will attract more international visitors to come and experience the passion and charms of Tainan. The excitement never ends in Tainan. The “2023 Sinying Sweetness Festival” will be held with much fanfare at Swan Lake between June 3 - 4 and at Sinying Railway Culture Park between June 10 - 11. Local and international visitors alike are welcome to explore the tourist destinations of Tainan and bask in the culture of this historic city. If you would like to know more about the latest Tainan tourism destinations and events, please follow the "Travel Tainan Website" and "Travel Tainan Facebook Fan Page."



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