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Malaysian “Travel with Mommy” Travel Show Films Family Travel Fun in Tainan

Posted Date:2023-05-29


Malaysian “Travel with Mommy” Travel Show Films Family Travel Fun in Tainan 1


The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications invited the “Travel with Mommy” TV show produced by the Malaysian TV station Astro AEC to come film in Taiwan last year in order to attract more Singaporean and Malaysian visitors to Taiwan. Tainan, the birthplace of Taiwanese history and culture, was chosen as the filming location for the trip. Acting Director-General Lin Kuo-Hua of Tainan City Tourism Bureau visited the film crew on behalf of Mayor Huang Wei-Che and presented the foreign guests with a host of healthy gifts such as Tainan’s Aiwen Mango, dried Diamond Pineapple, Madou’s Pomelo Herbal Candy, Sesame Powder from Sigang, and Lotus Powder from Baihe. The filming of the travel show by international media will hopefully persuade more travelers to embark on an in-depth experience of Tainan and give added impetus to the post-pandemic recovery of the international travel market.

Mayor Huang Wei-Che thanked the MOTC Tourism Bureau for supporting the development of tourism in Tainan and helping to arrange for the Malaysian travel show to come to the city. He also welcomed the show’s hosts Jason Yeoh and Jack Lim for bringing their mothers along to experience the natural beauty and delicious food of Tainan. Tainan is the birthplace of Taiwanese history and culture. It boasts of spectacular mountain and ocean views, sunny weather, street food that no Chinese would miss, and a common language, making it a great place to visit for Singaporean and Malaysian family holidays. He hoped that the latest filming of a travel show by the international media will encourage more travelers to explore a different side of Tainan and expand the market for international tourism.

Acting Director-General Lin Kuo-Hua from the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City said that Malaysia is one of the key markets in Southeast Asia for travel to Taiwan. In 2019, Malaysians ranked No.1 among the ten ASEAN countries with 537,692 visits to Taiwan. The one-millionth visitor to Taiwan after the lifting of border restrictions also came from Malaysia. Malaysia is not only an important market for Chinese-speaking tourists but its Muslim population is also one of the key markets targeted by the MOTC Tourism Bureau. This year, the Bureau participated in the Matta Fair, the largest international travel fair in Malaysia. The fair was held in the national capital of Kuala Lumpur in March this year, and was used to introduce the tourism resources of Tainan to Malaysian travelers directly. During the fair, officials also met with the Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association and key tourism industry operators. A tourism promotion and exchange event was also held at Penang, the most densely populated city in Malaysia, to create opportunities for marketing Tainan’s high-quality travel products. The shooting trip by Malaysia’s famous travel show host Jason Yeoh, Jack Lim, and their mothers will hopefully introduce Tainan’s beautiful scenery and exciting culture to the people of Singapore and Malaysia, and inspire them to come as a family to experience everything that is good about Tainan.

According to the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City, Chinese-speakers account for the bulk of Malaysian travelers to Taiwan and most are in family groups; the “Travel with Mommy” travel show being filmed in Taiwan by Malaysia’s Astro AEC this time for example focuses on family travel for all ages. During the shooting, photo shoots were organized for the two hosts and their mothers as they explored Anping district wearing mandarin jackets and cheongsams. They took in the unusual architecture of the Anping Tree House and Anping Old Fort with their mix of nature, history and culture during the tour. Next, they went on a lagoon cruise aboard the Long Hai and feasted on all-you-can-eat grilled oysters, then visited The Chang Village at Shuijiaoshe Cultural Park to try the Milk Fish Nabeyaki Egg Noodles, a specialty of Tainan street food, and cocktail beverages made with Tainan’s agricultural products before taking a stroll through the cultural atmosphere of the military dependents’ village. Also on the itinerary was Zhu Xin Ju, a no-menu dining restaurant in a century-old manor, and the Jin-Xia restaurant, a new brand of a famous established restaurant in Tainan, to try their Michelin-recommended cuisine. The four stars of the show could therefore experience Tainan’s distinctive natural and cultural beauty as well as its rich street food culture in just two short days.

The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City thanked the film crew for traveling all the way to Taiwan. The “Traveling with Mommy” team from the Astro AEC TV station that came to Taiwan included Jason Yeoh and Jack Lim, both well-known TV hosts, radio DJs, and influencers in Singapore and Malaysia. The Tourism Bureau hoped that filming for the show will boost Tainan’s exposure in the international travel market. The Tourism Bureau will continue to work with the central government to step up its marketing for different market segments in order to make a contribution to the recovery of the international travel market, and to enhance the international visibility of Tainan. Once the film crew returns home, highlights from their visit to Taiwan will soon be aired on Malaysia’s Astro AEC TV station. Tainan is now gearing up to welcome its 400th anniversary and an extensive line-up of precursor events are now waiting in the wings this year (2023). The Taiwan Lantern Festival will return to Tainan in 2024 as well. Travelers from Singapore and Malaysia are welcome to visit Tainan to experience Taiwan at its most authentic. A series of events will also be held without pause in Tainan this summer. For more information, please visit the “Tainan Travel” website or Facebook fan page.


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