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Overseas Promotion of “Tainan 400” and “2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan” Tainan City Hosts “TAIWAN PLUS 2023”, the Largest Taiwan Cultural Festival in Japan from 9/16 ~ 9/17

Posted Date:2023-09-12


Overseas Promotion of “Tainan 400” and “2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan” Tainan City Hosts “TAIWAN PLUS 2023”, the Largest Taiwan Cultural Festival in Japan from 9/16 ~ 9/17 1


Tainan will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2024 and Tainan City is also actively preparing to host the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival. The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government is now focusing its efforts on marketing and promotion in international markets to raise international awareness about Tainan. The main market for international tourism was Japan. The “TAIWAN PLUS” Taiwanese cultural festival, the largest of its kind in Japan, was held in September even before border restrictions were lifted last year (2022) to invite the Japanese public to visit Tainan after the pandemic. The exhibition will make another appearance this year (2023) with the Taiwan booth to appear at Ueno Onshi Park in Tokyo between 9/16 ~ 9/17. The exhibition was inspired by the Taiwan 400 slogan of “Tainan, Where You Belong.” Fun interactive games, as well as promotional materials such as exquisitely painted Tainan tourism maps in Japanese and Chinese, were used to showcase Tainan’s travel, food, and culture to the Japanese public. People from Japan will hopefully take part in the event to learn about Tainan and to slowly change it for the better. Members of the public were also invited to meet up in Tainan 2024!

Tainan Mayor Wei-che Huang thanked the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) for inviting Tainan City to co-organize the “Taiwan Plus 2023” event. The latest exhibition in Ueno, Tokyo, communicated to Japan the charms of Tainan as a tourism destination and promoted the festivities of Tainan 400. The theme of “Taiwan x Japan” at “Taiwan Plus 2023” complemented the Tainan 400 theme of “Tainan, Where You Belong” and invited people from Japan to become guests of Tainan.

Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government, said based on the statistics of the MOTC Tourism Bureau, more than three million overseas tourists have visited Taiwan this year (2023). The top three source markets were Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. The Tourism Bureau is actively participating in international trade expos and overseas referral campaigns to bring more international tourists to Tainan. The Tainan booth brought together the culture, destinations, and specialty agricultural produce of Tainan, and featured promotional materials from the King Boat Festival, Yue Lao Culture, Guanziling Mud Hot Spring in Baihe District, Taijiang National Park in Qigu District, Salt Pans of Beimen District, Chi Mei Museum in Rende District, Blessing of the Big Fish in Anping District, the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park in West Central District, and the Milkfish industry (largest in Taiwan by production). These will hopefully get the word out about all the tourism resources on offer in each district of Tainan. Giveaways at the event included Tainan 400 Brown Sugar Bun Cakes from Jiow Lai Fa, Guanmiao dried pineapples and Yujin dried mangoes. Tainan is looking forward to one day promoting the Tainan brand and specialty agricultural produce in Japan in earnest.

The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government stated that Tainan City’s participation in this year’s “Taiwan Plus 2023” will run for two days, from September 16 (Sat) through to September 17 (Sun), 2023, and between 11:00 and 18:00 (Tokyo time). The event venue will be the Takenodai Plaza of Ueno Onshi Park. The number for Tainan booth will be E-8. Members of the public are welcome to experience the charm of the ancient capital and learn about Tainan! Three interactive events will be held in rotation on the day. For Event 1 “Taste the Traditional Sweetness of Tainan!”, pick up and read promotional materials on Tainan at the booth then fill out a survey to receive a Tainan destination souvenir card as well as sample brown sugar bun cakes made by a century-old bakery in Tainan, as well as specialty agricultural produce such as dried pineapples and mangoes.  For event 2 “Tainan 400 Filter Check-in”, check-in with the keywords Tainan 400 and 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival using the exclusive event filter. Share the selfie to social media to help promote Tainan tourism and receive a Tainan 400 post-it pad! For event 3, stamp collection and DIY are favorite past times in Japan. Members of the public can use 9 styles of stamps based on Tainan events, culture, and agricultural specialties to create their own custom canvas bag to “Learn about Tainan, and take Tainan with you!”

On the day of the event, the Tainan City booth will be joined by “Ninao”, a famous gelato and dessert shop founded in Tainan, the “StableNice BLDG.” cafe and select shop in a restored old residence on Nanning Street, “IMIN Tainan Printing Studio” that has provided printing services to the handicraft industry for over thirty years, and “Bar Home”, a bistro located in a renovated old house. The two-day event will serve as a showcase of Tainan cuisine and cultural creativity in Japan.

On top of promotional advertising and events, the Tourism Bureau also launched the “2023 Tainan City International Tourist Industry Incentive Plan” in support of Central Government policy and to take advantage of the post-pandemic travel boom. Any legally registered local travel company with tour groups from now through to November 30 can apply for incentive payments (subsidies) of up to NT$100,000 if their tour group has 4 or more people, and stayed for at least one night in Tainan in legal accommodation. For international backpackers, the Tourism Bureau has also partnered with international vacation e-commerce platforms KKday and Klook to offer limited edition discounts for foreign backpackers from August 1 onwards. KKday will provide more than 4,000 discount codes to foreign travelers that will give them NT$50 off on any Tainan travel product they purchase through KKday. Other discounts include “$100 off for purchases of $2,000 or over”, and “$500 off for purchases of $5,000 or over.” From August 1 onwards, those booking accommodation in Tainan through the Klook platform will receive a $500 discount for bookings valued at NT$3,000 or more. The offer will only apply to the first 1,000 customers. Thrifty foreign travelers are welcome to start planning their Tainan itineraries now.

Exciting activities will continue to be hosted by the Tainan City Government. Local and overseas travelers are welcome to come and experience the rich culture and unique ambiance of Tainan. If you would like to know more about the latest Tainan tourism destinations and events, please follow the "Travel Tainan Website" and "Travel Tainan Facebook Fan Page", or call 06-6353226 for more information.


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