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Tainan Lights Up Tokyo with New Charm Offensive! “TAIWAN PLUS 2023” Expo Invites Japanese Travelers to Join the “Tainan 400” Celebrations in 2024

Posted Date:2023-09-16


Tainan Lights Up Tokyo with New Charm Offensive! “TAIWAN PLUS 2023” Expo Invites Japanese Travelers to Join the “Tainan 400” Celebrations in 2024 1


Tainan City is celebrating Tainan 400 in 2024 by organizing the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival and other events. The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government is mounting an international marketing campaign to raise the overseas profile of Tainan and attract more visitors. Starting today, Tainan will be hosting a 2-day exhibition (9/16 ~ 17) with Tainan 400 as its theme at Ueno Onshi Park in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition will highlight the sights, cuisine, people and culture of Tainan as part of another charm offensive in Japan and invite everyone to “get together.” “TAIWAN PLUS 2023” drew large crowds immediately upon opening today and is expected to surpass 100,000 visitors over the 2 days of the event.

Tainan Mayor Wei-che Hang thanked the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) for inviting Tainan City to participate in the event. The event gives Tainan City the opportunity to promote Tainan tourism in Tokyo and boost the its visibility in the international tourism market. Huang said that a brown sugar bunk cake brand representing traditional Taiwanese desserts as well as agricultural specialty products made from Guanmiao pineapples and Yujin mangoes were brought to the event to provide tourism intelligence on Tainan and effectively boost the international visibility of local brands. The promotion of the tourism industry will lead to greater internationalization of Tainan’s agriculture and culture. In a shout-out to everyone that stopped by the Tainan booth, Huang said that Tainan is inviting everyone to come and take part in all the exciting events scheduled for Tainan in 2024 including the Tainan Lantern Festival, the Taiwan International Orchid Show, and international marathon.

Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government, said that Japan is one of the key international tourism source markets for the city. The Tourism Bureau is now planning to take part in regional exhibitions and organize referral programs throughout Japan. These will include events in two of Japan’s most populous cities. The first of these is“Taiwan Plus 2023” organized by the GACC in Tokyo. At the invitation of the Osaka City Government, Tainan will also take part in the 2023 Festival of the Lights in Osaka in December.  The launch of the inaugural charter flight on the Tainan-Sendai route in April this year gave a boost to the development and sale of Tainan travel products in northeastern regions such as Sendai and Yamagata. “Taiwan Plus 2023” played host to a number of Tainan businesses as well including the gelato and dessert shop “Ninao” founded in Tainan, the “StableNice BLDG.” cafe and select shop in a restored old residence on Nanning Street, the “IMIN Tainan Printing Studio” specializing in creative cultural and handicrafts, and the “Bar Home” retro bistro. It is hoped that the public-private partnership between the Tourism Bureau and private sector will increase the popularity of Tainan’s food, cultural creativity and unique charms among Japanese visitors, and make Tainan the first choice of Japanese tourists for overseas vacations.

Exciting activities will continue to be hosted by the Tainan City Government. Local and overseas travelers are welcome to come and experience the rich culture and unique ambiance of Tainan. If you would like to know more about the latest Tainan tourism destinations and events, please follow the "Travel Tainan Website" and "Travel Tainan Facebook Fan Page", or call 06-6353226 for more information.  


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